Epoxy Resin Coatings

Epoxy resin is an industrial coating that works as an extremely durable adhesive binding to concrete surfaces. Epoxy resin coatings act as a sealant designed to protect the surface, whether it be flooring, countertops, walls, objects, bar and tabletops. Epoxy is a self leveling material that produces a seamless surface and preventing corrosion for years to come, so it has gained major popularity from businesses and homeowners. Color pigments, powders and additives are sold separately.
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Epoxy Resin Countertops | Xtreme Polishing Systems Concrete Dye, Resin Countertops, Acid Stain, Epoxy Countertop, Decorative Concrete, Concrete Color, Color Techniques, Resin Coating, Concrete Decor
Epoxy Resin Countertops
#Epoxycountertops gives everyone the freedom to explore plenty of color technique options. You may want to create marble-like finishes that are unique to you. Or maybe you prefer something a bit simpler as solid color #epoxycoatings finishes. The design possibilities are literally endless! This can all be achieved without the added cost of expensive floor removal and replacement! #shopxps Talk to the Experts. (877) 958-5264
Epoxy Coating | Xtreme Polishing Systems Concrete Epoxy Floor, Concrete Epoxy, Garage Flooring, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Floor, Garage Floor, Epoxy Resin, High Performance
Epoxy Coating | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Understand the difference between working with high-quality products. We innovate by manufacturing high-performance #epoxyfloorcoating systems every day. #shopxps Questions? Speak to a PRO! (877) 958-5732
the floor is shiny with gold flecks on it
Epoxy | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Coating #concretefloors is our passion. Refresh and renew this Fall season with an #epoxyfloorcoating that's designed for your exact place and needs. #shopxps Questions? Speak to a PRO! (877) 958-5732
DIY Epoxy | Xtreme Polishing Systems Countertop Epoxy, Craft Resin, Epoxy Paint, Diy Epoxy, Resin Kit, Countertops
DIY Epoxy | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Want to flex your #doityourself muscle, but have no idea where to start? Look no further than our professionally selected DIY #epoxyresin kits. #shopxpssupply
Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin | Xtreme Polishing Systems Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin, Bar Tops, River Tables, Types Of Mold, Clear Epoxy Resin, Clear Epoxy, Bar Top, Paperweights
Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin | Xtreme Polishing Systems
This Clear Casting Epoxy Kit is ideal for creating (or casting) #epoxyrivertables, presenting beautiful and reliable finishes. Users can also utilize this #epoxy product for other #doityourself projects and crafts, such as applying decorative jewelry or other small artistic items in different types of molds and countertops, tabletop, or bar top resurfacing applications. #shopxps
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DIY Epoxy Kits | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Is it time for you to give your home or office an upgrade? What you need is a professionally selected #epoxycoating system. Our DIY #epoxy kits are the perfect #floorresurfacing solution for creating beautiful epoxy applications. Above all, our they are easy to install; simply apply over your existing concrete surfaces once it has been prepared to create the most sustainable and resilient epoxy finishes. #shopxps
a marble counter top in the middle of a kitchen
Epoxy Countertop | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Creativity never fades. #shopxps
Epoxy Resin | Xtreme Polishing Systems Metallic Art, Epoxy Flooring, Art Resin, Not Afraid
Epoxy Resin | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great. #shopxps
Epoxy Resin Kits | Xtreme Polishing Systems In Water
Epoxy Resin Kits | Xtreme Polishing Systems
"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." -Loren Eiseley #shopxps Epoxy Floor Kits & Coating Systems: www.xtremepolishingsystems.com/EPOXY-RESIN-COATINGS-s/2030.htm
Metallic Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings | Xtreme Polishing Systems Epoxy Resin Floor, Epoxy Resin Flooring, Resin Floor
Metallic Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Quality you can stand on. #shopxps
Resin Epoxy Floor Coatings | Xtreme Polishing Systems Resin Epoxy, Flooring
Resin Epoxy Floor Coatings | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Where creativity knows no limits. Let XPS floor you with an exceptional variety of #epoxycoatings that's sure to sweep you off your feet. #shopxps Shop XPS Epoxy Flooring Systems:
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Decorative Epoxy Resin Coatings | Xtreme Polishing Systems
#Epoxy continues to show us just how incredibly versatile it can be. A long-lasting, durable finish like an #epoxycoating is sure to enhance, seal, and protect your surfaces from the stress we inflict on them daily. While it is versatile, the adhesive properties in #epoxycoatings still have a few limitations pertaining to which types of surfaces are suitable for this application, without the concern of de-lamination. #shopxps
Epoxy Resin Casting Kits | Xtreme Polishing Systems Clear Casting Resin, Casting Kit, Resin Casting, Hard Surface, Clear Resin
Epoxy Resin Casting Kits | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Our clear resin Casting Epoxy Kit is 100% solids and solvent-free #epoxycoatings used for casting purposes. This #epoxy material is industrial-grade so it yields a seamless hard surface that can showcase absolute beauty, but also can display a sense of professionalism. This Casting #EpoxyKit is available as Standard-Grade OR UV-Resistant. #shopxps
Epoxy-Resin-DIY-Art-Kit | Xtreme Polishing Systems Resin Table Top, Epoxy Resin Diy, Epoxy Art, Epoxy Resin Table, Epoxy Resin Art
Epoxy-Resin-DIY-Art-Kit | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Discover the joy of #epoxyresin with our easy-to-use epoxy art kits great for all levels of DIY skill. These Epoxy Resin DIY Art Kits are 100% solids clear resin #epoxy that's perfect for casting purposes, #DIYart and other do-it-yourself projects. #shopxps
a large black and white sculpture on the sidewalk
Epoxy Resin Kits | Xtreme Polishing Systems
There are spectacular adventures down the path of creativity. Spend less and save more with Xtreme's March promotional offer. This month when you purchase any #epoxykit you get the color pigment FREE! Quality deals start here with XTREME sales and promos! #shopxps *Offer valid through 3/31