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awww sou cute but ....I did not know there were three brothers :/ que lindoo pero una cosa .... no sabia que eran trillisos!!! :/ por lo menos en mi país no a llegado a esa temporada :z

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WADDLES!!! SOOOO CUTE!! @mylittlebaby201 @crystaltail !!

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Pues... Son Memes de Corazón de Melon.. Que Mas Digo si Son Memes ;v Puedes Encontrar Memes y Gifs y Imágenes Fandom de Corazón de Melon. Saludos y Besos ~Xi...

Make a wish by markmak on DeviantArt <--im not a big fan of Pacifica because of the way she treats mabel but the only time I'll post things of Pacifica is when she's sweet to mabel i understand she was cool with dipper but dipper wasn't the one she bullied it was mabel but like this i find it sweet

Eso si es disfrutar un cumpleaños con amigos:-D ♤♡ Sigueme no te cuesta nada🌼

SHOULDN'T HAVE ENDED! DAMN YOU TO HELL ALEX HIESCH!!! just kidding we love you Alex

fondos varios de pantalla :v (lo mas probable es que ponga mas de 200 fondos xD) Espero que les guste jshdjshd

Amazing New Gravity Falls Poster Debuts at Comic-Con! | Oh My Disney

Amazing New Gravity Falls Poster Debuts at Comic-Con