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Jennifer Batten speaks about Michael


Rock ‘n’ roll with a woman’s touch: Portland's Jennifer Batten

“There is NOTHING that will ever make me stop loving Michael…Not time, not space, not friends, not family. Not lies, vicious rumors, or damning innuendos. I will never stop loving him because it is LITERALLY PROGRAMMED IN MY DNA to do so.”



Nonlocal Universe blog


Nonlocal Universe


“We’ve Had Enough” – An appeal to the fan community to take a stand against slanderous tabloids.

Former Friend & Classmate of Michael Jackson’s 2003 Accuser Speaks Out and Shares the Truth about what REALLY Happened


Conspiracy Research

Posts about Conspiracy Research on mjjjusticeproject

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Why I Love the Mature Face of Michael


Why I Love The Mature Face of Michael

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson was under investigation for more or less 10 years for improper conduct around minors, there was never any truth to the allegations, it has now emerged. Moreover, authorities had zero evidence to support his accusers’ claims.


Michael Jackson Was Not a Molester, Authorities Say

No Child Porn Found At Neverland Then...Or Now! The Truth About What Michael Jackson Had (And Didn't Have) In His Bedroom

Michael Jackson 2005 trial Statement