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Bolsitas de papel decoradas con blondasPara dar detallitos a los invitados utilizaron estas bolsas de papel Kraft decoradas con pequeñas blondas, collaritos de perlas, mariposas decorativas y flores.
DIY Christmas Gifts | Agregar un poco de color a una bolsa de papel puede convertir este ...

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Gift Wrapping Ideas | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity
Simple but cute favor bag idea. The combination of the lace, floral patterns and different colored gingham will be the touches added to bring in the southern charm picnic feel to the country farm.
So much to cut with a Cameo! I've made the paper bow but hadn't thought of embossing it. Luv.
Paint Chip Gift Wrap Decoration. Make some beautiful and inexpensive gift wrap using the plain side of an old brown paper bag and paint chip samples. Denise at d.Sharp Journal posted about this: you just need a couple round hole punches in different sizes. The colors – all shades of the same hue – will harmonize nicely, because they’re all from the same paint chip card.
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pretty ways to dress up craft paper
love this--instead of using all of these different yarns, you can just use the yarn that gradually changes color--works great also.  the key is having monotone wrap below.
such a simple yet pretty, creative way to wrap a present
South Shore Decorating Blog: Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas