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How to dress rectangle body shape #bodyshape #bodytype #styletips #fashiontips #howtostyle
AGUJERO SUDADERA - @europeanfabrics
Sewing tutorial | DIY Fashion | dress outfit | fashion dresses | sewing inspo | sewing projects
🧚🏼IG: bygabrielaneve • ⚠️ I forgot to mention that because of the different length of the parts, the hem must be sewn before the whole individual parts are sewn together • ⚠️ The fabric must be relatively firm and thick This is one of my sewing projects. I made my own sewing pattern for this design. For the top part, I just used myself as a mannequine, wrapped tape around my upper body and started sketching. Then I cutted out the individual pieces and added the seam allowance. The pattern for the skirt of the dress I just copied from an existing dress. I also cutted strips out of this to accentuate the figure. I think it looks very aesthetically pleasing. Now I have my self designed white mini dress. I hope this is an inspiration for you to create your own fashion and designs. se
Parte 1 pantalón restos de jean
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Como adornar prendas con estilo con puntillas
En este post te proponemos ideas DIY sobre como adornar prendas con estilo con puntillas y darles una segunda vida. En este post vas a ver mucho tejido denim porque es muy versátil: combina con todos los colores, es resistente y aporta mucha durabilidad para seguir transformando o realizando upcycling. Pero puedes utilizar el tejido o prenda que quieras teniendo en cuenta la elasticidad.
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