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a wooden table topped with books next to a shelf filled with books and other items
Matter Magazine Keeper
Carved by hand in sandstone, the Matter Magazine Keeper is characterized by its jagged silhouette. The sculptural organizer can be used in the bedrooms and living rooms, as a unique storage place for art magazines or coffee table books. The rough carved exterior of the Matter Magazine Keeper contrasts the smooth interior sandstone. Designed by Kristina Dam Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.
a shelf that has some items on it
T-Lamp by Frama | TRNK
T-Lamp by Frama | TRNK
a plant hangs on the wall next to a framed photograph and other items in front of it
Scenery Pinboard by Ferm Living | Modern Scandinavian Design | TRNK
Scenery Pinboard by Ferm Living | Modern Scandinavian Design | TRNK
two shelves with books, coffee cup and notebooks on them against a white wall
Rail Shelf by Audo Copenhagen | TRNK
Rail Shelf by Menu | TRNK
Frama T-Lamp Valerie Objects, Crystal Chandelier Kitchen, Farmhouse Chandeliers, Cement Pendant Light, Large Ceiling Fans, Recessed Wall Lights, Ceiling Fans Without Lights, Arc Lamp
T-Lamp by Frama | TRNK
The T-lamp is a take on the archetypal desk lamp, with a simple mechanism allowing it to tilt and cast light from different angles. Although simplified to basic geometrical shapes, the lamp has a monumental appearance. T-lamp comes in three texturally rich surfaces; brushed brass, brushed steel, and sanded white.