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a white and black table lamp with a round light on it's side next to a gray wall
Half Table Lamp
A table lamp that plays with contrasting elements of roundness and sharpness, darkness and light. Designed with a half-hollowed sphere bisecting a rectangular base and a thin square frame, the monochrome fixtures are illuminated by a light that turns 40 degrees on each side. Designed by Jialun Xiong, a furniture, interiors, and accessories designer based in LA.
a bed with a white comforter and two lamps on the wall next to it
To-Tie Table Lamp
To-Tie is the new lamp from Flos and the first ever piece of lighting design from Milanese designer, Guglielmo Poletti. A distinctive table lamp made up of a series of elements reduced to the bare minimum, tied together by mechanical tension alone and with a name that perfectly completes the piece. The result is a striking yet simple design entirely developed around the gesture of tying, without the need for screws, glues, or welding.
a bedroom with a bed and two lights on the wall above it, along with floor to ceiling lighting
Almendra Arch Suspension Lamp
Almendra – the “branch of light” by designer Patricia Urquiola – is a customizable modular lighting system. It embodies the idea of functional and efficient yet soft and gentle light that creates a comfortable ambiance. The Almendra lighting system can feature horizontal or vertical elements on one or more articulated branches, creating a weightless composition. This authentic design is produced in Italy exclusively by Flos.
a light that is on top of a table next to some books and a ball
In Vitro Unplugged Table Lamp
An elegant outdoor lighting collection designed by Philippe Starck, In Vitro presents a series of glowing glass lanterns that magically appear to illuminate on their own, like pure architectural volumes of light. This authentic design is produced in Italy exclusively by Flos.
there are many books on the shelves and one lamp is next to each bookcase
New Additions | Tatu Table Lamp
The idea for Tatu was born on a transoceanic flight; while André Ricard was reading, he observed that the light above his seat did not disturb his sleeping wife. The lamp became a pop-art icon in Europe. After 50 years, the Barcelona-based lighting purveyor, Santa & Cole re-edited this classic with improved lighting features. This flexible lamp consists of three parts that can rotate independently to adapt its use for a shelf, desk, or bedside table; it could even be used as a wall light.
a lamp sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plant and framed pictures
New Additions | Basica Minima Table Lamp
This pocket edition of the Básica lamp, for use in a setting requiring a smaller lamp or less intense light, is ideal for bedside tables or isolated light points. The Mïnima features a small metal base, as inconspicuous as a whisper, that ensures this miniature will never fall off balance. Two unique versions of the shade and finish are available. Produced by the Barcelona-based lighting purveyor, Santa & Cole.
an outdoor area with potted plants and lights
New Additions | Cesta Exterior Table Lamp
After decades of producing the iconic Miguel Milá design whose origin dates back to the sixties. Santa & Cole incorporates its exterior version with the same aesthetic characteristics as the original and with the same light efficiency, it comes with an aluminum structure, in black or olive green, and a polyethylene shade, two waterproof materials suitable for outdoor use. Produced by the Barcelona-based lighting purveyor, Santa & Cole.
a room with a chair, plant and bookshelf
New Additions | Cesta Table Lamp
Inspired by the traditional lanterns that light up homes along the coast, Cesta is one of the most iconic lamps created by Miguel Milá. This lamp can be picked up and easily carried, ideal for both tabletops and floors. It is produced manually by European craftsmen, using traditional steam bending techniques for the cherry wood, which is delicately polished and sturdily put together. Produced by the Barcelona-based lighting purveyor, Santa & Cole.