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ME/CFS: PACE Trial commentary & critiques (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

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Information, commentary & critiques of the UK£5m PACE Trial

Questioning Answers: PACE trial recovery data and chronic fatigue syndr... --- January 10 blog post by Paul Whiteley PhD Focuses on the recent paper I co-authored:

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Congratulations to Mark Vink on his open access paper. A great achievement for him to publish another paper given how ill he is. I have a few quibbles with bits of it but overall he makes a lot of good points I think.

"How Alem Matthees’ letter helped solve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome mystery"

Do PACE data on chronic fatigue syndrome hold up? @wilshica et al say no via @davidtuller1

Anton Mayer (@MECFSquestions) | Twitter

(December 19 piece by David Tuller) A Study of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Therapies Is Debunked (Again) A new analysis of a 2011 study that supported dubious treatments for the disease finds that its conclusions were “not justified by the data.” Note that the recent paper I co-authored on the PACE Trial only looked at recovery not efficacy in general.

.@sjmnotes shows how v different the planned (protocol) vs published results are for recovery criteria for Graded Exercise in £5m #PACEtrial

On £5m #PACEtrial …