A selection of images from my "footsteps" project, where I change a "food for thought" image daily. http://web.me.com/tomcarr1/footsteps/footsteps.html
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an abstract photo with the words out of focus in front of colorful lights and blurry background
Tom Carr "out of focus"
a person standing on a glass floor in front of a building with red light reflecting off it
Tom Carr "Times Square"
a street light in front of a green background with rays coming from the top and bottom
Tom Carr http://web.mac.com/tomcarr1/footsteps/footsteps.html
an overhead view of power lines and telephone poles with blue sky in the back ground
two pieces of white paper sitting on top of each other
a skateboarder rides across a bridge in the woods
"bridge" - the daily “footsteps” continue on: http://web.mac.com/tomcarr1/footsteps
a large body of water surrounded by trees and grass on the side of a road
an aerial view of the ocean with clear blue water and corals in the foreground
mapa mundi
an olive tree is growing in the corner of a white building with geometric shapes around it
tree coming out
an image of rocks under water in the ocean
a brick in the water
a person walking down a sidewalk next to a tall metal building with a clock on it's side
parallel lines
the circular pattern is made up of black plastic tubes
many of the same
a bicycle is shown in the middle of a circular light box with white lights on it