Teta y Sopa .
Más ideas de Teta y Sopa

Emma Parker - Transitional Objects. "These pieces have been made from found and abandoned objects which have been wrapped tightly in a wool yarn. The cocoon like form protects and holds the objects, but it also restricts and does not allow escape."

Green plastic and glass containers on black background via Melissa Easton Design @Mrs_Easton


Bee shrine.... Think box for self identity. Collage. Found objects. Include words. Theme. Complete composition. Final project but introduce at beginning of semester. Envelope to keep ideas or objects in for final project.

Adventure Graphics: Josep Renau, fotomontajes mucho antes de Photoshop

Grey Silk Thread used for photography self portraits by the artist Anngret Soltau. She stitched over self portraits to create the design on her own self portrait.

Found Object Art Gallery by Barbara Irwin Create something like this and place objects that represent people that I love.

Christina Bothwell - Kundalini, 2011, cast glass, window glass, raku clay, found objects, oil paints

Harriet Mead - brilliant found object sculpture

"Found in Nature" - By Rosenthal. A collection of litter transformed into minimalist works of art.