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there are many records on the wall with butterflies flying around them and in front of it is a stack of vinyl records
How to Upcycle Old Vinyl Records into Planters, Snack Bowls & More
How to Up-cycle Old Vinyl Records
the inside of a barn decorated with white flowers and greenery for a wedding reception
Saturday is the big day for Courtney Sweetser and Caleb Smith. The Raleigh, N.C., will exchange their vows at 5 p.m. in The Carriage House. Courtney and Caleb won "Sharing the Romance," a $50,000 wedding giveaway offered by Magnolia and 20 local wedding vendors. For more information about the couple, the vendors and the contest, go to and click on “what’s new.”
an instagram page with vines hanging from the ceiling and lights on the wall above it
This Is Officially The Cheapest, Most Gorgeous Way To Decorate A Wedding
an open book with some plants in it
39 Delicate Book Project Ideas Worth Considering
small purple pots with flowers in them sitting on a wooden box filled with other plants
11 Inexpensive Garden Themed Wedding Favors
These mini flower pots wedding favors are sure to capture everybody's heart and will definitely make a wonderful wedding favor.
how to make air plant stands out of rocks
Air Plant Holder with Rock and Wire {DIY Air Plant Display} - Garden Therapy