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DAY 1. Casa Batllo at Night, Barcelona. Great to see at night, plan for less than an hour here. If you want to go inside, buy tickets online, they're open 9am-9pm. About $24 USD.

La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain

La pedrera é mais uma das muitas obras do legado de Gaudí, construído para ser um prédio residencial foi considerada uma obra extravagante e excêntrica...Um luxo só...

Park Güell (Parque Güell)

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain | #lyoness | Travel now: https://www.lyoness.com/branche/travel

Imagen de iphone, photography, and sunset

PeruRail - Estación Machu Picchu | Machu Picchu Station (PeruRail - Estación Machu Picchu)

Machu Piccu

People Who Travel Frequently Are Open-Minded, Creative And Worldly

All that it needs is a shower head to clean off. :) Explore the world!

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop

Westerdok Disctrict, Amsterdam, Netherlands…

moody cinematic photos by masashi wakui explore tokyo's luminous landscape by night