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Principales plataformas MOOC para cursos online #infografia

Here’s what every emoticon really means


25 Old Comics Without Context That Are Beyond Disturbing

Les comparto una nueva serie de guías para aprender a dibujar que seguro les serán de utilidad para mejorar sus habilidades dibujo y poder poner en practic

"everyone sucks before they get kinda good at something" I couldn't decide if I should put this on my Inspiration board, or on my Stuff I Agree With board.

We don't value craftsmanship anymore. All we value is ruthless efficiency and I say we deny our own humanity that way..

"Happiness isn't good enough for me. I demand euphoria!" Love Calvin & Hobbes!

Let’s Go Exploring Our Favorite Calvin And Hobbes GIFs

Let's Go Exploring Our Favorite Calvin And Hobbes GIFs

calvin and hobbes flowers - Google Search

Mi nacimiento (1932). Frida Kahlo.