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the silhouettes of people walking and riding bikes are shown in different positions, with one person holding an umbrella
The drama in contrast by Hazel Soan
a watercolor painting of people walking down the street with their backs to each other
La Perspectiva en Acuarela I - Acuarelas Fermín López
Trucos para conseguir la perspectiva en acuarela. Las formas, el tamaño, el color y la perspectiva linel y ¿Por qué las montañas se ven azules?
a vase filled with purple flowers sitting next to a painting on a window sill
Violets in Watercolour
Ƥαἶɲʈ Mҽ Ꭿ Թɽҽαɱ
an old building with a balcony and window
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Colorido deterioro.
an archway leading up to a door and steps
Delirious Thoughts
Delirious Thoughts
an old building with a window and railing
a painting of a vase with flowers in it sitting on a ledge next to a fence
Albaicin Granada by Manolo Jimenez