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an empty room with several closets and chairs
La disposizione interna degli armadi: quando il “dentro” è più importante del “fuori”.
an empty living room with glass shelves and vases on the wall, along with a rug
39 Modern decor to keep now – interior design
39 Modern decor to keep now - interior design | #decor #Design #interior #modern #moderndecoration
a room with wooden cabinets and a desk
Gallery of Poor But Sexy / Hagar Abiri - 5
Design, multipurpose closet. Diseño, armario multifunción. Diane Adam
a large walk in closet filled with lots of clothes
GLISS MASTER | Molteni&C(モルテーニ) | arflex(アルフレックス ジャパン)
Picture perfect walk in closets
an empty store with wooden shelves and drawers
Projects | McClean Design
Los Angeles, Laguna Beach Architecture Projects | McClean Design
an empty kitchen with wooden cabinets and white stools in front of large windows overlooking the city
a large walk in closet with lots of clothes
1232 Sunset Plaza by Belzberg Architects
a walk in closet with lots of white drawers and glass doors on the walls, along with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
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the closet is organized with clothes, shoes and handbags on it's shelves
Vestidor equipado sin puertas - Gliss Master - Molteni&C
Gliss Master, in the sophisticated version without doors, becomes an accessorised walk-in closet that can be set up in linear and corner solutions.
there is a bed with white pillows and brown sheets in the room that has built - in shelving
dormitorio en tonalidad marrón,atollo