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AMOLED v/s Quantum dot v/s IPS LCD


Geek Tech: Display Tech: AMOLED, LCD and Quantum Dot. Explained!!!

The battle of yesteryear

Geek Tech: Exynos 5433( 7 octa) v/s Apple A8

The whole story behind the rumors we've been hearing about for months

Geek Tech: The whole Snapdragon 810 saga: overheating, rumors, accusations, solving and more....

The whole 2015 Qualcomm lineup explained

Geek Tech: Snapdragon 2015 lineup explained!!!! Does snapdragon 810 or 615 heat up????

The epic rumble of 2015 SoCs. Tegra X1 v/s Tegra K1 v/s Apple A8x v/s Exynos 7420

Geek Tech: Tegra k1 vs Tegra x1 vs Exynos 7420 vs Apple A8x???? Why does no phone use a Tegra processor

Best phone of 2015 yet!!!!

Geek Tech: Which is the best phone of 2015; Yet!!!!!

How much big our phones should be?

Geek Tech: How to measure the one-handed usability of a phone?

TouchWiz on Android 5.0 lollipop review.

Geek Tech: Lollipop Touchwiz review on S4 i9500. How much has Samsung improved?

64-bit processing: Common misconceptions

Geek Tech: Common misconceptions about 64-bit

Galaxy S6 Antutu Benchmark

Geek Tech: S6 specs leaked, will most probably pack a Mali T760MP8!!!! big cores to be clocked at 2.1 GHz!!!!