El Señor de los Cielos
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Y todo es todo, creelo.
Salud #CabronaComoMonicaRobles
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el señor de los cielos

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El Señor de los Cielos
"The nice thing about being pretty is that I don't have to dress like a h** so they can turn back and look"
Females who think a man will stay for a kid he never wanted to begin with smh! And to top it off talked so much crap about never needing him yet you do! $$$ let him know it comes from US!
Ya de menos... #CabronacomoMonicaRobles
Juralo que siii...
Entendistes o te lo explico !
Quisiera entenderte pero no ladro
Hay mija #cabronacomomonicarobles  @fernandacga ❤