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Supongo que habla por sí misma.

Beach Decor, Beach Theme, Surfing Decor "You Can't Stop The Waves But You Can Learn To Surf", OBX Reclaimed Beach Wood via Etsy

Jacob Morton para DAMAN Magazine Febrero 2016 por Peter Ash Lee

Perfectos looks para practicar el running son la apuesta del estilismo de MOSES para la edición de Febrero de Daman Magazine, con Jacob Morton como protagonista de las fotos de Peter Ash Lee.

Un Tauro no hablará a tus espaldas.Lo hará justo delante de tí, a la cara. Si.

Sorry they got this wrong i am only the brains. I am not beautiful. Only my parents say i am


Our Papilla ❤️

Taurus require a lot of "me" time because internally they deal with a lot and don't have time for all the bullshit.

Some days a Taurus will work hard and the other days they just want to lay on the couch and watch movies