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two teddy bears dressed in clothes standing next to each other
PhilomenaKloss - Etsy
family bears
three spoons and two peas sitting on a table cloth next to each other, with one pea in the middle
ceramic olive boat handmade olive display wabi Sabi olive bowl tableware new home gift party table neutral modern serve ware olive tray boat
Present your olive, nuts, cracker and food in a naturally beautiful way with our neutral olive boats beautiful hand made oval platter |unique neutral dining | these olive boats have a beautiful organic shape A unique and elegant addition to any dining table or kitchen.It is also perfect for those who love hosting dinner parties or enjoy adding unique touches to their home decor. I make these little dish sides by hand from stoneware clay These products are 100% hand built and then bisque fire
there are many small figurines laying on top of each other in the shape of people
Pin by Kristina Acevedo on Ceramic | Handmade ceramics, Ceramics, Ceramic sculpture
DIY: Kerzenhalter selber basteln
a hand holding a pink coffee mug in front of a stack of brown cups on top of each other