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Corel photo paint

Here we have images that were edited with coral photo-paint
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Here you see an image were there are fish in beatiful water that is edit with "desaturate" that create an impressive effect

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Here you see an art galery with almost all my works. I paste the images an adjust their shpae so that they look like real paintings.

Here I changed the colour of her eyes and her lips with a tool called "matriz/saturación/luminosidad" with corel photo paint

Here we see a woman were we changed the colour of the eyes and her lips with a matrix/saturation/luminosity lens in corel photo paint

I have changed the colour of her lips and her hair with a lens called matrix/saturation/luminosity in corel photo paint.

Here you see palms that were edir with corel photo paint. I useded "balance colours" and "desaturate"

this is an edited image were I used "desaturate lens" and I just leftone side with colour. I also useded "balance colours" so that the side without colour look more blue.