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"Learning modal verbs in English can be difficult at times. That's why it's time for Modal Verb Monday! We have already posted about the modal verbs "may" and "can," but check out this graphic that shows the uses of these two modal verbs side by side. Can you suggest a modal verb for next Monday?" #AmericanEnglish Credit: American English At State


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English grammar - Must vs Have to

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ESL Infographic - Understanding modals of necessity.

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Modality poster

Modality poster


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Can and Could in English - Modal Verbs

Can - Could - English Grammar

Modal verbs - shall

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The modal verb MUST in English

Must - English Grammar

Uses of the Modal Verbs MAY and MIGHT in English.

May vs Might - English Grammar

Understanding modals - #LearnEnglish #EFL #ESL #ELT

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