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two men are holding up a painting in front of them while another man looks on
🥇Líderes en Mudanzas en Las Palmas ➡️ Mudanzas Federico Ramos
El transporte de obras de arte en una mudanza debe hacerse por especialistas que conozcan el trabajo que están realizando, siguiendo estrictos protocolos para evitar que las obras puedan sufrir daños. #guardamuebles #LasPalmas
an old book with a drawing of a lighthouse and boats in the water next to it
The Lighthouse at Alexandria, 1954 - Salvador Dali -
Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) | Surrealism | The Lighthouse at Alexandria - 1954
a painting of two people talking to each other
Edward Hopper(1882-1967
Maher Art Gallery: Edward Hopper(1882-1967
an ornately carved wooden object on display in front of a glass window with gold trim
Cairo Egyptian Museum King Tutankhamen's Collection (ca.1350 B.C) Toutânkhamon First floor - Section 13 Item 2 on 10 Ancient Egypt Transportation Vitrine : V01 Area related Vallée des Rois (Egypte)
an old painting of a woman holding a book
Ancient Roman fresco from Pompeii, Region VI, c.50 AD. A young woman is shown with a pen (stylus) that is used to enscribe writing on the wax tablets she is holding. The net in her hair is made of golden threads and typical for the fashion of the Neronian period. Currently located at the Naples National Archaeological Museum.
a painting on the side of a building with an egyptian woman holding a bird in her hand
#Minoan -- Fresco Of A Minoan Beauty -- 1600 BCE -- Crete
the inside of a tunnel with writing on it
Encuentran tumba con inscripciones cristianas en el antiguo reino de Makuria
inscripciones tumba reino makuria
an image of a painting with many people in it
Aniversario de la Batalla de las Termópilas
Leónidas en las Termópilas, obra de Jacques-Louis David (1814)
a painting of a person sitting on a bed in a room with other items around
El Museo Thyssen inaugura una exposición de Edward Hopper
Habitacion de Hotel, de Hooper
an advertisement for the french newspaper le petit journal, featuring a horse drawn carriage and people
Breve biografía de Isabel la Católica
La rendición de Granada
a painting of people standing around a baby in a crib
Breve biografía de Fernando el Católico
Muerte de Isabel la Católica
a painting of a person sitting on a bed in a room with other items around
El Museo Thyssen inaugura una exposición de Edward Hopper
"Habitacion de hotel" de Edward Hopper
a painting of people on the street with one man holding a woman's head
Agustina de Aragón: “La Gran Artillera”
Agustina de Aragón, "La Gran Artillera"
two women sitting at a table with a map in the background and one wearing a red dress
Biografía de Vermeer: luz e interiorismo en sus obras
"El militar y la muchacha riendo", de Vermeer