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the yellow mug is next to some metal plates and rims that have been placed on the ground
Rims chrome Mini classic
Complete chrome rims 10”
Rejilla Mini Cooper con bigotes
Speedometer 🕰 / Velocimetro Mini classic
Restore interior trim Interior Trim, Coach Dinky Crossbody, Trim
Interior #trim #miniclassic #40th
Restore interior trim
an old car being worked on in a garage
#Crash #miniclassic #repair #rear #subframe
the steering wheel and dashboard of an old car
#Miniclassic 40th anniversary
Interior trim
the front end of a boat that has been stripped off and is sitting on the ground
Front subframe Mini Classic
there are many pieces of metal in the back of a truck
Subframes rear hydrolastic Mini Classic
Mowog / Authi
the engine compartment of an old red car
Components Motor Mini Cooper 1.3
an old engine block is shown in this image, it looks to be part of a car
28G255N Medio motor MINI 1000 de 55cv. 4 Cilindros
the inside of an engine housing in a box
22A1533 Transfer case
a brown paper bag sitting on top of a table next to a soda bottle and two bags
Tapiceria vinilo MINI
an old gear with the number six on it
Corona Piñon diferencial MINI
there is a sign that says vailu la admis on the table next to some books
12G3036 Valvula admisión