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a yellow and black warhammer figure sitting on top of a table next to a key
40k Robot
40k Robot | 2020-12-21
a close up of a toy robot on a table
a sci - fi robot standing in front of a black background with the words, one rules on it
a robot that is standing in the middle of some sort of artic thing on a black background
Robot Shooter Tripod_3D printed miniatures | Artisans_size 85x115x93mm
Robot Shooter Tripod Dimensions (approx.): L 85mm - H 115mm - W 93mm Base Size: n/a Models come unpainted. Bases are not provided. Larger models may require some assembly (smaller models come in one solid piece). Scale is 28mm heroic, compatible with most Tabletop Wargames & RPGs. All miniatures are printed at a resolution of 0.03mm (3 microns) on a 4K LCD screen resulting in high quality miniature printing. All prints are washed and cured to ensure the best possible finish. We do our best to en
a warhammer is standing on top of a pile of gears and other metal items
The Mechanicum Torque
an elephant figurine on a wooden table with a pipe sticking out of it's trunk
Those whom the gods would destroy ...
Those whom the gods would destroy ...
a statue with a skeleton holding a flag on top of a black base and gold accents