Green is good for you 💚 Inspirations for our patio - Spanish for courtyard -, where lots of plants let our coworking community relax.
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some books are sitting on top of a small table in front of a house with potted plants
Where to write? Here!
One of my fav places to write is the courtyard of Rayaworx in Santanyí
there is a small potted plant in the middle of the yard with words above it
growing upholstery
Garden support for peonies
a room filled with wooden benches covered in green plants
Monamour Natural Design
Monamour Natural Design in Casa Decor 2012 / Madrid - The Nature Collection / Vertical Garden with preserved plants
there is a green sign that says online waldhn on the side of a tree
Promo von @doschu im Patio Dschungel für ihren Online Salon Waldbaden mit Outdoor Coach Claudia Franke ( Aufzeichnung: )
an air plant hanging from a tree branch in front of a building with other plants
there are many potted plants on the outside patio table and chair set up next to each other
an outdoor table and chairs with purple flowers on the wall in the background, next to a potted plant
purple flowers are blooming in front of a building
there is a green plant next to a blue chair and some other plants on the ground