Inspiration for new ways to work together in an inspiring atmosphere
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Die Online Wohlfühl Community für vernetztes Arbeiten aus den Home Offices


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Warum agiles Arbeiten mehr braucht als agile Methoden
“Ich möchte, dass immer die Möglichkeit besteht, kreativ loszulegen ohne einen bestimmten Raum aufsuchen zu müssen", erklärt Christian Cordes. Jetzt im Blog über die virtuelle Hausführung zu Design Thinking & Coworking lesen:
Liberating Strutcture P2P with examples


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It’s called the Square. And we need it, pronto.


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Perspectives at work: Es Pontàs, Santanyí 💙 😎🏝️  ⏩Rayaworx Coworking Mallorca
happy april fools day - and welcome neck pain "The Standolier for MacBook Family - The only desk that goes with you everywhere!"
nice standing desk


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How about working in nature with this smart office cube from Nooka?
work anywhere - have a telephone/video conference booth outside with Nooka Cube
What’s so clever is that the Foldscreen modules aren’t just simple to attach to and remove from the table top without any tools, but the hinges on the front panels and the ingenious, slot-in folding linkage strip on the folded down on the table top, locked onto the front panel and flipped up and flipped up with it as well. #Foldscreen #workplace #workspace #wilkhahn #office #homeoffice #workfromhome #workathome #officedesign #home


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Mover Erase Combo - Reusable Finger Sized Mini Whiteboard
#officedesign #architecture #newwork #whiteboard #designwhiteboard #mobilewhiteboard #betterwhiteboard #agile #outdoorworkshop #workshop #designoffice #berlindesign #architecture


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coworker's well-trained dog #coworkingdogs
Habt einen guten internationalen Bürohundtag! Toffee schaut hier ihrer Besitzerin hinterher, die kurz in den Nachbar-Bioladen ging 🐶 Happy international Office Dog Day! This is Toffee missing her owner while she went for shopping nearby 💙   #bürohund #officedog #coworkingdogs

coworking dogs

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25 Jahre Coworking #coworking25 | Rayaworx Community Manager, Coworking Space, New Work
25 Jahre Coworking #coworking25
25 Jahre Coworking #coworking25 | Rayaworx
a group of people standing around tables in a room
42 – die Antwort auf alles - German Coworking Federation e.V
42 – die Antwort auf alles - German Coworking Federation e.V
a bouquet of flowers sitting on top of a table next to two books
Workation Roman
Unterhaltsamer Roman mit viel Mallorca-Flair, in dem einiges rund um zu Workation, New Work und digitalen Arbeitsweisen nebenbei erklärt wird
a woman with glasses and a book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plant
Coworking Novel
Written in a coworking space in Mallorca, during a workation in Winchester, at beautiful spots in the Santanyí region ✍️ OUT NOW: Coworking & Workation in Novel Format ••• JETZT erschienen: Coworking & Workation im Romanformat ••• AHORA publicado: Coworking & Workation en formato novela #coworking #workation #mallorca
a woman sitting at a table in front of a laptop computer with the words hello, you
Was ist Serendipity?
Hm, erfahre es auf der Lernreise von Hanna, Hauptfigur in "Heiter bis wolkig in Digitalien" #coworking #serendipity #mallorca
an artist's rendering of a portable office in the woods
Discover Nooka One - Nooka Space
How about working in nature with this smart office cube from Nooka?
an artistic rendering of a small building in the middle of a street with trees and bushes around it
Discover Nooka Cube - Nooka Space
work anywhere - have a telephone/video conference booth outside with Nooka Cube
the challenges of coworking in italy, from march 22 to may 29, 2012
Ediciones anteriores
Ressources of the Coworking Spain Conference 2022
Screenshot der Startseite des Glossars zu New Work - Link New Work Glossar .de
NEW WORK Glossar
von der wunderbaren NEUE NARRATIVE Redaktion
several women are talking and having fun with each other in the background is a blue banner that says we fulfill such online coworking an?
Wie fühlt sich Online-Coworking an? Antworten im Online Salon zu 1 Jahr Wohlfühl-Clan /
a laptop computer sitting on top of a table next to a person holding a cell phone
Was ist wichtig für Hybrid Work? Online Salon mit Alexandra Bernhardt
a man with his arms spread out in front of the sun holding a ukraine flag
Coworking in Europe For Ukraine
a blue and yellow bird with leaves on it's wings
IDEA Project – Call to Action: Ukraine
the coworking logo on a yellow background with black lettering that reads,'the coworking '
a poster with pictures of people doing different things in the same photo, and text that reads mood meter
Mood Meter