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Tema 12. Aportació al disseny tipogràfic

12.1. Erik Spiekermann i FontShop (racionalitat amb arrels centroeuropees)
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1996 -- Deaths resulting from a fire at the Dusseldorf airport are attributed to ineffective exit signage. The Schiphol system is refined to increase exit signage visibility and green is adopted as the exclusive color to identify escape routes.


Airport Wayfinding and Graphics | SEGD

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30 Brilliant Typefaces For Corporate Design

Meta typeface, FF Meta Serif, de Erik Spiekermann (1947-), avec Christian Schwartz et Kris Sowersby (2007)

30 Brilliant Typefaces For Corporate Design - Smashing Magazine

S-bahn logo (with thanks to original Pinner)


Edenspiekermann received the Gold Design Award of the German Federal Republic in 2007 for the exclusive DB Type typeface.

Deutsche Bahn - More then just type

What hinders our organisational outcomes is the lack of management direction, authority, decision making and laissiz faire attitude.

Observations in an undemocratic world: A manager in action

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Bundesregierung – Logos der Ministerien

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Bundesregierung – Logos der Ministerien

FF Info Display – Airport Düsseldorf Wayfinding System by FontFont, via Flickr

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Le Monde Diplomatique

Le Monde diplomatique

Airport signage and wayfinding inspiration

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