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the face of a person made out of legos
Fantástico este #Lego #Publicidad #Marketing #IdentidadCorporativa #PubliBuena #Sercreativos #agenciadepublicidad
the shadow of a lego dinosaur on a green background
80 Ultra Creative, Clever & Inspirational Ads - UltraLinx
an aerial view of a large dam in the middle of a mountain range with blue water
This Tampax 80 Ultra ad really gets the intended message across.
a close up of a rubber stamp on a piece of paper with a metal object next to it
Business Card Stamp Keychain
mandar a hacer un sello y ahorrarse la impresion de bolsas... maybe
a lamp that is sitting on the wall next to a light fixture in a room
Instagramのフォロワー1万人以上で一泊無料!シドニーのホテルが仕掛けるPR戦略がナイス | TABI LABO [& 撮られる工夫]
a calendar with paper cut birds on it
PAPERCUT / calendar
"Cut Out" Wall Calendar by TOFU STUDIO , via Behance Try something similar in fabric, embroider, cut, fold.
an eye chart is shown with korean characters in the bottom right corner and on the left side
The Ultimate Creative Business Cards Collection | BrandCrowd blog
a man standing on top of a tall building next to a bird flying over it
no brand is your friend
just do it
Famous Capsules by Grégoire GUILLEMIN, via Behance Leon, Fun Quiz Questions, Fun Quiz, Secret Life, Popular Culture, Just For Fun, Memes Quotes, Cool Artwork, Stretched Canvas
Famous Capsules - Leon Greg Guillemin
Famous Capsules by Grégoire GUILLEMIN, via Behance
a headstone that reads died from not forwarding that text message to 10 people
Megaupload: la empresa de hosting avisa del borrado total si no se llega a un acuerdo inminente
html death