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Infographic: Social Media Image Sizes

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Postcron is the easiest way to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+. Give it a try today!

The easiest way to schedule your Posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+. Give it a try today!

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As of today, Instagram has more than 400 million users who publish a total of 800 million photos and give 1.2 billion likes a day. Therefore, if your potential clients are there and are also active, then why not bury the hatchet and in addition Instagram advertisements to you can also take advantage of the platform to boost your advertising campaigns? Check out this Blogpost for more here

85% of big brands have already invested in Instagram, the “in” social network. Ever since Facebook acquired it around four years ago, the social network’s account holders have grown to more than 400 million current users who publish 800 million images daily and generate 1.2 billion likes. Read more on the complete blogpost.

Now you can schedule all your Instagram strategy in just a few seconds. Learn how to do it on the complete Blogpost Guide.