Anne Frank escribió sobre sus experiencias en el campo de concentración durante el Holocausto

"No one has ever become poor by giving." -Anne Frank

Anne Frank 10 yrs old - May 1940

She's in this section because its Herstory. Anne Frank took me beyond life in an attic to a heart within the hidden walls. I felt a very personal loss, like a part of me had gone with her. She made me feel as if I was Kitty. Thank you for writing to me, dearest Anne. Your Long Lost Friend, Kitty

New research sets Anne Frank's death earlier |USA Today, March 2015

Anne Frank. Frankfurt am Main, 1931.

Miep Gies Jan 11, 2010 weeks shy of her 101st birthday. Gies worked for Otto Frank’s Amsterdam pectin co. & was the main caretaker of the Franks, including Anne, and the four other Jews who hid for 25 months in the business’ back rooms. Those hiding in the Secret Annex managed, with the help of Gies, her husband & four co-workers, to evade capture by the Nazis until Aug. 1944. Dispersed to various concentration camps, only Anne’s father returned alive.

Anne Frank......1929 - 1945.....Two burial places. This one lists Bergen - Belsen Concentration Camp.....Confusing.

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