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Airdale Terrier. La perfección en expresión. Te extraño Nike...
Boomer - ID: 4137958 © Janice  M LeCocq
I can haz?
Great looking Airedale - so sweet.
Airdale Terrier.. Another favorite dog breed.. I would love to own one!
El Terrier Galés (Welsh terrier en inglés) es una raza de perro que data de los años 1760 y es uno de los terriers más antiguos. Originalmente fue criado para la caza de zorros, roedores y tejones,
Wispa - now GOLD GCH Joval Angel's Whisper "AWESOME"
Airedales are extremely intelligent and often have a mind of their own.  When they have their mind set on doing something, it is almost impossible to convince them otherwise.  Training an Airedale takes patience and total consistency.  These dogs need creative thinkers who make learning fun in order to keep them engaged.
Airedale Terrier playing the old Dorsey Brothers tune, "My Dog Loves Your Dog."