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Lengberg Castle brassiere - 2

Lengberg Castle brassiere - 6

To the left is the modern under wire bra and to the right is my Lengberg castle brassiere dress.

Lengberg Castle brassiere -so neat. handmade linen medieval bra that even a large busted woman finds exceptionally comfortable and effective.

This!! This is what I want under my garb! Lengberg Castle brassiere, medieval bra dress.

15th Century Lengberg Bra by ~DaisyViktoria on deviantART "An incredible medieval clothing find was recently unearthed at Lengberg Castle in Austria, with clothing dating to the 14th-15th centuries. Among the fragments were some medieval bras, the likes of which we have never seen before. I was so excited that I went ahead and made this one, along with matching panties, based primarily on some underpants from the same find, as soon as it was released to the public."

Lengberg Castle, East-Tyrol: 15th century linen “bra” (large image) in comparison to a longline-bra from the 1950´s (small image below left) http://www.uibk.ac.at/urgeschichte/projekte_forschung/textilien-lengberg/medieval-lingerie-from-lengberg-castle-east-tyrol.html

Underpants found in Lengberg castle, the end of 15th century (ca 1480 ?), University of Innsbruck, photo University of Innsbruck

Jorth | Dress no.2 from Drape Drape

Einfache Frauenmode aus dem Volk

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