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FIBROMIALGIA, puedo ENCONTRAR alivio con la APITERAPIA (veneno de abejas) http://fibromialgiadolorinvisible.blogspot.com.ar/2015/04/fibromialgia-puedo-encontrar-alivio-con.html

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FIBROMIALGIA y/o SFC, no puedo DUCHARME! MAREO, ESFUERZO, SENSIBILIDAD a las TEMPERATURAS. Qué Hago!® http://www.fibromialgiadolorinvisible.com/2015/09/fibromialgia-yo-sfc-no-puedo-ducharme.html

FIBROMIALGIA: no me PUEDO CONCENTRAR, siento PESADEZ, DEBILIDAD, no es un "CANSANCIO NORMAL"® http://www.fibromialgiadolorinvisible.com/2012/11/fibromialgia-no-me-puedo-concentrar.html

The Voices of Chronic Pain. "I wish people wuold understand that it is not due to lack of trying that my pain does not get better. I work hard everyday at trying to get my old life back!" Surviving Chronic Pain Together, never alone!

FIBROMIALGIA: no puedo RESPIRAR, duele el TÓRAX, no puedo hacer ABDOMINALES... Dolor COSTOCONDRAL® http://www.fibromialgiadolorinvisible.com/2012/07/fibromialgia-no-puedo-respirar-duele-el.html

23 Things People Don't Realize You're Doing Because You Have Chronic Fatigue

I can't express how much I mean exactly this. Well is never to be. Less sick would be the best that's possible. Sadly.

OMG!! This article is a serious EYE OPENER! I never stopped to question whether or not the way I worry about things might beyond 'normal'. Anxiety is a common symptom in many of those with chronic illness like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme, ect. It's good to know I am NOT ALONE, and that there are steps I can take to implement healthier thinking patterns that won't continue to keep me in a constant state of FEAR & ANXIETY! *Pin Now For Later

I push myself well beyond what my illness truly allows me to.

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