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Drinking tea and catching up on comments from my houseplant haul vlog! I gotta say you lot are just lovely

Pablo Neruda Life goes on, they say. But that is not always true, sometimes life doesn't go on, sometimes the days just pass by. Más

"I hear your voice in all the world's noise." - Paul Eluard

Just cause I didn't get in trouble for every thing I said and did, and cause there was like no drama, that's all everyone does now! Caus drama or talk bout it!:/

This is too perfect! There is no other way of explaining how fragile trust is! Once its broken, its broken, it will never be the same. This does not apply to just trust but to everything. It is truly perfect.

"I'm different than everyone else. Why is that? Am I broken?" "No, you're too young to be broken." "Then why do I feel so different?" "You don't need a test to find out who you are. You already know that. It's not fair of them to make you conform to everyone else."

Sabes lo pequeño que soy por fuera, pero desconoces lo grande que soy por dentro.

And don't you dare say this only applies to straight people! For all you know, this could apply to a grandmother, mother, sister, girl that is just a friend, Aunt, or female cousins!