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cilindro de cera a digital. digitalización de cilindros de cera. Wax cylinder to digital. digitization of wax cylinder.

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The Evolution of Music Consumption: How We Got Here


10000 wax cylinders digitized and free to download - The University of California at Santa Barbara library has undertaken an heroic digitization effort for its world-class archive of 19th and early 20th century wax cylinder recordings, and has placed…

Library Receives Grant to Digitize Early Twentieth-Century Folk Music - Duke University Libraries has received a $74,595 grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) to digitize a large collection of North Carolina folk music that has never been widely heard. The collection includes some 1,367 songs recorded in the 1920s and 1930s on wax cylinders and aluminum discs. - Image: All Day Singing 600x360

The Phonograph- a decade after inventing the telphone, Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant, Charles Sumner Tainter improved on an early system of recording sound on tinfoil plates by inventing a phonograph that used a stylus etching groves in a wax cylinder

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Child's toy or the voice of nightmares? Listen to the Edison talking doll

In April, the Thomas Edison Historical Park added new doll recordings, which were digitized with technology that extracted the childlike voices without damaging the fragile wax cylinder records embedded in the toys. Photos courtesy of National Park Service

Cylinder Phonograph to USB! Dust off your collection of wax cylinder recordings in the attic that have been handed down for generations and compile them on your Mac/PC for easy transfer to your iPod or other digital media player.