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Rodrigo Borgia, el papa Alejandro VI
EXCERPT: Pope Alexander VI   1 January 1431 – 18 August 1503 was Pope from 1492 until his death on 18 August 1503. He is one of the most controversial of the Renaissance popes, and his italianized surname - Borgia - became a byword for the debased standards of the Papacy of that era. A papal dispensation was requested from Pope Alexander VI by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain and King Henry VII of England to allow Prince Henry to marry Catherine of Aragon.
Michelotto Corella | Companion and accomplice of Cesare Borgia. Probably the love of Michelotto's Life
Papa San Lucio, (grabado de 1678)
Sir Thomas Lawrence. Pope Pius VII (1742-1823). Detail. 1819. Oil on canvas. 269.2 x 177.6 cm. Windsor Castle, Royal Collection, UK.
Pope Sixtus IV, born Francesco della Rovere , 1414-1484 Posthumus portrait by Titian. Sixtus IV sponsored the building of the Sistine Chapel (It takes its name from him- Sisto in Italian), and re-founded, enriched and enlarged the Vatican Library, one of the oldest in the world.
Papa Julio II, (grabado de 1840)