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Una herramienta de geo-visualización con datos climáticos globales | Revista del Aficionado a la Meteorología

Archivos de datos climáticos.

NOAA Analyses Reveal Record-Shattering Global Temperatures

2015 Global Temperatures. Os datos de temperatura da Nasa e o NOAA para 2015 son demoledores .

What's Really Warming the World?

What's Really Warming the World? Climate deniers blame natural factors; NASA data proves otherwise

Six graphics that explain climate change. According to a UN report, submissions in their current form point to a rise of 2.7°C above pre-industrial levels by 2100. Scientists have determined that if temperature rises surpass 2°C, this will lead to substantial and dangerous climate impacts, which will hit the world's poor in particular. Scientists believe that gases released from industry and agriculture (known as emissions) are adding to the natural greenhouse effect, the way the Earth's…

Climate Change Today From diminishing snow and ice to increasing temperatures to rising sea level to more frequent and destructive extreme weather events, 97% of scientists agree climate change is happening and it is man-made. The Climate Change Today infographic by Weather Underground thoroughly describes these changes and how they are affecting the Earth’s ecosystems. If we continue on our current path, these trends are expected to accelerate.

¿En qué consiste el fenómeno de "El Niño"?

2013-2015 | Evolution of Nishinoshima Volcano Island South of Japan | #西之島‬ - YouTube

Amsterdam Fog - Cereal Magazine

El fenómeno El Niño 2015-2016 explicado de manera sencilla