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Disfraz Prodigiosa Ladybug

Resultado de imagen para memes de prodigiosa ladybug

A part of my youtube video process.~ I'm so happy with the result! I have to thank my dearest friend Dazuki for this animation. I'm sorry for reuploading, I've finally managed to get a better video quality Q.Q I do not give permission to repost this! #miraculousladybug #edit #season2 #ladybug #marinette

Yay! The full version, as promised. I'm quite happy with the result, he looks so nice as a girl.~ Hope you guys like it as well! Check out my tumblr for a better quality :3 #miraculousladybug #miraculous #catnoir #chatnoir #genderbend

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3- Industry Rooms: Medical/Science: Futuristic medical vehicle 01.jpg

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