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The President is informed of a threat to national security: a three-year-old boy named Akili, who is already the smartest being on the planet. Representing the next step in human evolution, Akili can perceive patterns and predict future events better than most supercomputers, and is capable of manipulating grand-scale events like pieces on a chess board.

Wells, with his former CIA bosses Ellis Shafer and Vinnie Duto, has uncovered a staggering plot, a false-flag operation to convince the President to attack Iran. But they have no hard evidence, and no one at Langley or the White House will listen. Now the President has set a deadline for Iran to give up its nuclear program, and the mullahs in Tehran-furious and frightened-have responded with a deadly terrorist attack.

The Wolf in Winter : a Charlie Parker thriller - John Connolly

Cover image for A song of shadows : a Charlie Parker thriller

The Insider Threat : a Pike Logan thriller - Brad Taylor

Into Oblivion : An Icelandic Thriller by Arnaldur Indridason

Desperate to avenge her dead father, Thorn lives to fight. But she has been named a murderer by the very man who trained her to kill and finds herself caught up in the schemes of Father Yarvi, Gettland's deeply cunning minister. Crossing half the world to find allies against the ruthless High King, Thorn learns harsh lessons of blood and deceit.

Imperium : A Fiction of the South Seas by Christian Kracht