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Can I curl up in your arms and let the beat of your heart soothe me to sleep? Because that sounds absolutely lovely.

Glad to know you're safe & sound..sorry it wasn't as fun as I hoped. :-( I wish I was there to welcome you home & make the night better for you. Let me wrap U in my arms & hold U tight! If I were there, everything would have been done while U were gone & U can just relax! And expectations"I would just take care of things to make U happy..that's my reward! I Love YOU!!! I Miss U so much Baby!!!!!! So very,very much!!!***

You're my absolute without a doubt favorite reason to lose sleep. I love our late night phone calls and FaceTiming every night until we fall asleep. I love having those all nighters that ill remember forever. I love it all.

I've seen this one where it says "I love you with all my butt' however, my butt is tiny so that wouldn't be much love. If I loved you with all my boobs then watch out! That's a lot of love.