Ruben Cortada -

.not sure who he is but has beautiful eyes

Ruben Cortada. Faruq. El principe

Ruben Cortada

Sweet and Goofy- reminds me of Silas :)

Alexandre Chevalier, car enthusiast, dog lover, co-owner of the tech pandemic, Hookups.

Kota (The Academy Series by C.L. Stone)

Yes!!! He's Got The Look!! Great example of beautiful brows for men.. Men! PLEASE DO NOT OVER TWEEZE! AND DO NOT OVER GROOM EITHER! You dont need a shape. A woman does. You only need them groomed just a bit NOT overly groomed. I say this with love ;)

Beautiful Face Pics Of Men | Beautiful men - Ruben Cortada

Wentworth Miller


Ruben Cortada

Man His Eyes Are Sinful

Gerard Butler - Some eye candy for my sissy. ;)

Male Model Atesh Salih, Turkish father, German mother, face of Georgio Armani for men.


Marlon Teixeira - Brazilian model of European, Japanese, and Amerindian descent from Santa Catarina

Jake Gyllenhaal

Laurence Silver fox! I adore older men, silver foxes. The knowledge, the experience, the patience. Makes me want to be very obedient.