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Схема , что позволяет подключать реле 12V к любому электронному устройству. Для того, чтобы привести в действие реле необходимо только то , что вход "IN" есть напряжение , превышающее 0.6В. . Он может быть использован в качестве выходного реле для Arduino

Simple Stepper Motor Driver For Arduino CNC Projects

This is a simple dual H-Bridge drive I made some time ago using some chips I got off eBay. It uses a Pic micro-controller to handle the step direction inputs to coil drive logic. I used the cheapest pics I had around which were the 12c50/509's. There is no enable input but that could be added by using a larger pin count PIC. Check out the completed Arduino 3 axis mill here: http://www.instructables.com/id/3-Axis-Arduino-Based-CNC-Controller/

Circuito electrónico de las tiras de leds con 220V

Arduino speed and direction control motor

6 mini-circuitos | Inventable

Interfacing Motors with Arduino

Picture of Connect all the hardware

Touch Activated Alarm System using 555 ic

arduino project soil moisture sensor schematic

Learn how to run a CDROM brushless motor with Arduino http://www.instructables.com/id/Run-A-CDROM-Brushless-Motor-With-Arduino/

Salvaging Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)

Learn how to save these valuable electronic parts to use in future projects.

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