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A reef fish can hide from predators by adopting the smell of the coral it eats, according to researchers in Australia. This is the first time that chemical crypsis – the ability of an organism to avoid detection by using odour-based camouflage – has been observed in vertebrates.

LIQUID OZONE! Just made some with an ozonisator, condensed in a test tube with some liquid nitrogen. There was no problem with it until we started the reaction. The nitrogen/acetone mixture solidified the deuterochloroform what was used as a solvent, the ozone condensed on it and it reacted explosively with the alkene what would have been ozonized. Never misjudge the power of chemistry. And never forget to use safety glasses!

Todo el mundo sabe que me gustar mucho pasar el rato en un StarBucks. Why is Coffee so Irresistable? The Chemistry of STARBUCKS®


Scientists identify new chemical bond Move over, covalent and ionic bonds, there’s a new chemical bond in town, and it loves to shake things up. It’s taken decades to nail down, but researchers in Canada have finally identified a new chemical bond, which they’re calling a ‘vibrational bond’.

Just for fun: the reason why not to fill fire extinguishers with dinitrogen oxide instead of carbon dioxide. We ignited a small amount (few cm3) of toluene on a piece of aluminium foil and blew dinitrogen oxide on it. The results were great, as seen on the picture. Since the dinitrogen oxide acts as an oxidizer (it is used in rockets also) it helps the toluene to burn really-really fast.

Scientists at The University of Manchester have generated a new star-shaped molecule made up of interlocking rings, which is the most complex of its kind ever created.

This Is How Caffeine Actually Affects Your Brain

Gas Chromatography (GC) Consumables: Tip of the Week! Learn how to select the correct GC liner. Liners are used as a vessel into which the injected liquid sample is vaporized into a gaseous state and then passed into the GC column. If your injection method is split the injection mode requires rapid vaporization and effective mixing of the sample. You will need a liner that is open ended, with a large surface area and volume with low activity. Learn more handy tips in our blog post.

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