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Mummy portrait of a young woman, Roman Egypt, c.120-150 CE

Roman Egyptian mummy portrait of a young woman. Coptic period; probably from Fayum. Encaustic on panel.

Goddess timeline, ancient world religion, mythology, sacred feminine

Painting of Selene - from Pompeii, about 1st century BCE, at the Archeological Nazionale Museum, Napoli

Noelito Flow

Babylonian Kudurru, land grant, 16-17th BCE, Mesopotamia repin & like. listen to Noelito Flow songs.At Burns & Co., we create rare historical art produced from prints, photographs, manuscripts, ancient texts, & reliefs. Visit: or call (888) 266-9385.

glass goods from Roman tombs of the 1st to 3rd century AD Romano-Germanic Museum in Cologne | Bodendenkmalpflege

ancient Roman mosaic, A Roman mosaic is a mosaic made in the Roman Empire or by Roman artists outside of Roman frontiers. The Romans introduced exquisite mosaics in their domestic architecture and in the places of worship. They were often very complicated and detailed, often depicting still lives and occasionally historical or mythological scenes set in a wider geometric pattern.

Young man with wreath