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“El primer amor nunca se olvida… Así empieza mi cita porque aunque pasen años sin verte, sin hablarte y sin saber nada de ti seguiré sintiendo lo mismo por ti mi amor.”

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This could've been us on the bus, but we couldn't sit next to each other and you cant take a hint

Relationship goals af this is so cute! I wish this happened to me:(

girl and boy gif - Google ძებნა

Kiss GIF, Cute Couple, Romantic Pictures #Love

Marty was finally able to convince Marty to let him do this with her. "No! Andy, put me down now," Marty yelled. "Not yet," he whispered and when he acted like he was letting her down, he moved his legs and Marty plopped strait onto him. She smacked his chest,"That was not funny." "Maybe not to you... I love you," he gave her a cheeky smile. "Yeah yeah whatever."