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Trichromatic theory proved that all colors were generated from the three spectral hues of red, green, and blue.

Color physics: The science of color, particularly the science of light and color perception. Color is defined as a visual sensation caused by the components of light either transmitted or reflected to the receptors in our eye.

complementary color scheme - colors from wedges opposite one another on the color wheel

handprint : watercolor drying shifts. Paint pigment and water have similar refractive indices, I.e., light bending abilities, resulting in a small amount of scattered white light. Therefore, when watercolor is wet, there is very little scattered white light and the color appears darker and more vibrant than when dry. myb

Chevreul's 1855 "chromatic diagram" based on the RYB color model, showing complementary colors and other relationships

prism- When white light is refracted through a Prism it is split into visible rays of colors. The colors are made by light travelling at different frequencies.

Color Contrasts - Hue, value saturation - Colors on the Web