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LA PREHISTORIA Edad de Piedra Período Paleolítico (250,000 al 60,000 a..C)…

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Prehistoric Art Lesson

The Art Curator for Kids - Prehistoric Art Lesson - PowerPoint, Assessment, Quiz, Worksheet

Ritual wine warmer with taotie China, Anyang, Henan province Late Shang dynasty, early Anyang period, ca. 1300–1200 BCE Bronze

This maplewood bottle was one of six found in the burial chamber of Sutton Hoo. As with all other wood artifacts from Sutton Hoo, this artifact is a reconstruction. All that remained of the bowls was the metal rim of the bottle - the wood would have long since rotted away. Bottles of this sort were used as drinking vessels. Provenance: Sutton Hoo, England Dates from: VIIin century REPLICA

From Dilong to Velociraptor, These 10 Dinosaurs Ruled Mesozoic Asia

This is a real bird from Asia to me it is the last remaining dinosaur lol

Celtic prince's tomb The grave of a Celtic prince from the Iron Age found outside of Paris is believed to be dated back to the 5th century B.C. The artifacts found within the tomb alongside the prince indicate elaborate trading patterns from over 2,500 years ago throughout Europe. Items discovered in the grave include a bronze-decorated cauldron most likely made by the Etruscans (based in Italy) and another cauldron with a depiction of the Greek god Acheloos, indicating trade with the…

The Assyrian Rose Above God

La venus data de muchos años a.C de hay su desproporción en el cuerpo, seguramente las mujeres no eran así y tampoco sería el icono de belleza tan desproporcionado.

Ritual wine container China, Baoji, Shaanxi province Early Western Zhou dynasty, ca. 1050-1000 BCE Bronze

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