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Y tan fácil que era llorar antes... Y tan fácil que era vaciar el alma y dejarla tranquila. Hoy se me explota de tristeza por las lágrimas que la hacen más pesada.

Verdad!!? "Cuando una persona llora y la primera gota de lágrima viene del ojo derecho, es de felicidad. Pero cuando el primer rollo es de la izquierda, es debido al dolor." When a person cries and the first tear drop comes from the right eye, it's from happiness. But when the first roll is from the left, it is due to pain.

Lately I've been experimenting with eyes and their direction as well as emotions.

But crying always makes mine worse but sometimes you can't help it

Your scent unmistakable Your presence so definite and distinct Your touch like none other You were there with me Of this I have no doubt You softly whispered sweetest dreams I was not sad yet a single tear fell onto my pillow For I feel you in my heart And in the deepest part of my soul Closing my green eyes Your hand gently resting on my cheek As one finger traced my eyelid and brow I drifted off to sleep Feeling safe and feeling loved With You there ~ by my side ©k

How Do you mend a broken heart?----"You don't...there is always a scar, you just deal with that scar as best you can; somedays cover it up, some days soothe it any way you can, and somedays wear it proudly!" quote by Jodie Traugott, photo by unknown

The next BW drawling that I do will be this !!! just found my muse !!!! <3