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Los probióticos están relacionados con un menor riesgo de alergias, psoriasis, colitis y mucho más

Good bacteria have more to do with your waistline than you might imagine …

Drinking caffeinated coffee daily lowered the risk of colon cancer recurrence or death by 52 percent compared to those who do not drink coffee.

Leaky Gut is likely causing your allergies, ADD/ADHD, arthritis, celiac, autoimmune issues, bowel issues - most health issues! It does NOT have to be your life - let's fix the problem!

Compounds in watercress have been shown to decrease the risk of lung, colorectal, and prostate cancers, and a particularly virulent form of breast cancer.

Dietary fiber promotes health by fueling beneficial bacteria to produce compounds that help regulate your immune function.

A recent study adds to the growing evidence that children who drink raw milk had a lower risk of respiratory infections, fever, asthma, and allergies.

Low-fiber diet can cause as much as 60 percent of the microbe species to suffer severe decline, and this altered gut flora gets passed on to future generations.

Here are 7 signs you should be eating these super healthy and popular probiotic foods, which are beneficial to your health and well being.*