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A virtual Universe - Scientists at MIT have traced 13 billion years of galaxy evolution, from shortly after the Big Bang to the present day. Their simulation, named Illustris, captures both the massive scale of the Universe and the intriguing variety of galaxies

The Next 209 Seconds Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence | Minds

European Space Agency’s Planck space telescope looked back at the afterglow of the Big Bang, and those results have now added about 80 million years to the universe’s age, putting it at 13.81 billion years old.

The Most Astounding Fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson


Top 5 Habitable Alien Planets…

Top 5 Habitable Alien Planets - here we have examples of planets located within the habitable zone, for just one star. There are billions of stars out there. So the idea of the non-existence of extra-terrestrial intelligent to be highly absurd.

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35 Astounding And Uplifting Facts About The Universe

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Bell's Theorem demonstrates that the Universe is fundamentally Interconnected, Interdependent, and Inseparable. ~ Fritjof Capra

The Universe is an Illusion, But Consciousness Isn't.